The mission of Changepoint is to grow in the knowledge and love of God and to do the work He’s set aside for us according to the teachings of the Bible, which we believe to be completely true.

According to Scripture, men and women were created by God to be unique among all the creatures of earth, in order to have a unique relationship with Him. This relationship was broken at a basic level when we rebelled against Him, choosing to do things our own way instead of being guided by His plan for us. This rebellious nature has been passed on to every human since; we call it sin, and from the moment of birth, it separates us from God.


God is perfectly merciful, not wanting anyone to be separated from Him, but he is also perfectly just, demanding full retribution for the evil of sin. So His solution had to perfectly fulfill both attributes. He sent Jesus, who was fully God and fully man, to live the sinless life we were meant to live and to die the painful death that we deserve to die. In this way, Jesus became the perfect sacrifice for our sin and opened the way for us to be reunited with God. He completed this triumph by overcoming death itself, raising himself from death after three days and continuing to teach before ascending to his place in heaven. Finally, he sent the Holy Spirit, another aspect of God, to guide us and empower us.

We call this story the “Good News”—the Gospel. Our mission is to live lives that reflect Jesus, to share the Gospel, and to continue the work of redemption on earth that Jesus started until He returns to complete it. Practically, this means that we gather together as a community to grow in knowledge and maturity, to support each other in love, and to make the community around us a better place.