Lead Pastor Marlow & Tonya Dunham


What was a major changepoint in your life that led you to ministry?

In 1987 I was reading the Bible at home.  I was all alone, just minding my own business.  Tonya & the boys were grocery shopping.  I can’t remember what portion of scripture that I was reading from but I will never forget hearing the Lord speak because it changed my life forever.  I had been so concerned about the church and the direction it was headed.  It was always a hot prayer topic for me.  (Still is and always will be.)  I heard the Lord say that I would someday lead the church in a new direction.  I was so concerned about how this would happen because I wanted it to be totally the Lord’s doing.  I didn’t tell anyone about this Changepoint in my life, for well over a year.  But, for the last 23 years I have been leading this church in many new directions as the lead pastor.  Wow, his grace is so amazing.

What is your role in the church as you perceive it?

Since 1988 I have had the privilege to serve Changepoint as its lead pastor.  There have been many different and wonderful seasons in the life of the church over these years and I believe a great future awaits us as we continue to move towards the vision He has given us.

What is your personal vision for the church—what are you aiming for?

We are presently focused on developing pastors to lead campus churches in the Hudson Valley and beyond.  Our desire is to train men & women and to send them out to pastor their own congregations.  What an exciting time in the life of Changepoint.

Associate Pastor Mike & Raylene Ackerbauer