Loving outside the Church and in the Community.

Pastor Marlow shares the blessings from Love Our City Task Force!

Changepoint will Love Our City by sending out a Love Our City Task Force Team!

Changepoint partnered with the City of Poughkeepsie Earth Day Celebration to Clean Up the First Ward!


Thanks to everyone involved in Earth Day Cleanup Today! Pastor Marlow Dunham and Changepoint Church partnered with the City of Poughkeepsie’s 1st Ward Councilman, Chris Petsas to Love Our City and clean up the 1st Ward. Starting at 9:30am the Love Our City Task Force headed in pairs and small groups beginning at Changepoint Church...Finishing with a well deserved BBQ thanks to Pastor Derek Duncan from Living Water Church and Frank DiDonato. Special Thank You to Earth Day Coordinator, Laurie Sandow!!

Love Our City Task Force Saturday!

On Saturday, August 27th, 2016 Changepoint Family joined together and went out into the City of Poughkeepsie to live the Task Force vision!

"We demonstrated our love, commitment, & enthusiasm towards our community 

through various acts of kindness & service."

A variety of teams went out on this day to serve.  The following are a few of those teams!

♥Drive Thru Prayer  - Prayed for anyone who drove or walked by and needed a prayer or word of encouragement.

♥Thank You to our Police and Firefighters - Gathered together to encourage those who serve us in the community and help to keep us safe.  They delivered fun Snack Packages to thank the Police Department and Firehouse.

♥Litter Cleanup - This team concentrated on cleaning up the parking garage and the bus stop as well as around the site of our former church on Hamilton Street.

♥Bathroom Cleaning Crew - This team cleaned 18 bathrooms in the city of Poughkeepsie!

♥Serving Seniors Squad – This team traveled to Vassar Warner Home.  They spent some one on one time with the seniors in our community and put a smile on the faces of many by giving manicures. This is just the beginning as new dates from senior homes come rolling in and new opportunities for service open.   Psalms 71:9 it says "And now in my old age, Don't set me aside. Don't abandon me when my strength is failing."

♥Coke and Water Giveaway Team – This team handed out free cokes and water on the corner of Mill and Market to anyone passing through.  This was very appreciated since it was a super hot day!

On Sunday the Coffee Giveaway took place at 9 am . They provided free drinks (Coffee, Tea, Ice Coffee etc.) to those passing by and took the opportunity to pray for them and tell them that God loves them.

Early Sunday Morning Coffee Giveaway!
Early Sunday Morning Coffee Giveaway!
Brightening someones day with Flower Pens!
Brightening someones day with Flower Pens!
Brightening someones day with Flower Pens!
Brightening someones day with Flower Pens!